Surf Fishing | Alec Cerasoli

Remember those nights,
The smell of salty air on the beach
takes me back
to the early morning surf fishing trips
at Bethany Beach.

Before the sun rose,
before the lifeguards could set up their chairs,
I set up my two ten-foot
rods in the soft, white sand.

Reaching into my tackle box,
I pulled out
my squid and cut it
to place on my shiny, new hook.

      After what seemed like hours,
I heard a slow clicking, followed by
and earsplitting squeal. Soon
my rod bent in half.

I ran up to grab it and gave the tall rod an
immense pull.
I felt the power of the fish as
it showed its acrobatics.

A small crowd gathered
to witness the action.
They watched as the fish
jumps, frantically trying

to escape its trap.
The efforts eventually
paid off as
the fish broke its bond.