Dear Loyola Blakefield Community,

Welcome to the 2018-19 edition of Workshop(s). I am honored to have been selected by my classmates as Editor-in-Chief, and I wanted to make sure that this class’s iteration would be as successful as previous generations. After many months of hard work from the fourteen gifted students in the Creative Writing Honors class, I am pleased to say that the legacy of previous years has been upheld.

As ever, the talent of the Loyola Blakefield community never ceases to amaze, excite, and inspire me. We received dozens of submissions—ranging from poetry to photography—all of which were pored over by the creators of the website. In particular, I would like to highlight the three winning artists: Paul Macdonald for his short story “Why God Crumbles the Moon”; Idris Mansaray for his short story “Dying Souls Like Dying Storms”; and Ian Takas for his photograph “Miscellaneous Memoirs.” These submitions are the best of an exceedingly high-quality selection.

There are a few people to whom I would like to extend special thanks. Firstly, Mr. Flanigan has been an inspiring force for the class this entire year. His guidance and assistance has been instrumental in the creation of this website and also singularly important in helping the members of the class grow as creative writers. Next, I would like to thank Ms. Bello, in part for her presence in the classroom throughout the year, but also for her founding and maintaining of the Young Writers Club, which continues to foster new talent year after year. I would also like to thank Mr. Ziegler for working with the members of the Digital Media and Photography classes. Finally, I would like to thank my fellow classmates for their efforts in the creation of this website. In particular, I would like to recognize Mac Woolley and Graham Lindner for the extra time they spent with me during the last few weeks.


Frankie Andrews