Summers Past | Sam Madder

In the summer field,
Playing where the child thrives;
Stretched out before us we had our lives.

Each day, another we take in turn,
Just you and me, and sometimes her.
The call for dinner so much ignored,
Forgotten like the late day chore.
Running by so wild and free,
Just you and her, and sometimes me.

Don’t leave behind this summer day,
The one for which I sit and pray,
And wait all year for it to come,
But comes instead another one,
A day alone with much less fun,
All the battles we once had won,
Come fighting back against me still,
But when you’re with her, there is no thrill.

Our kingdom born of an impish dream,
You’ve long forgotten, as you have with me,
But I have lost much more than you,
For I have lost my partner, too.

Alone in field I sit by day,
By night I find my heart’s dismay,
Remember when we once were free?
It’s you and her now, not me.

Sitting day by day alone,
Uncomfortable on my useless throne,
No one to make me feel or sing,
I’m left alone, the one false king.

All is left just as it should,
However if control I could,
It would be different than it is,
My hopes and dreams have left like his.
For she has stolen him from me.
Life will take what makes us free,
It is now just Lord not Sir,
Just me not you, since you’re with her.