Eggistential Gangster | Don-Terry Veal, Jr.

The beater is now prone to  
any affection whatsoever against  
eggs. Non-existent, they may be,  
but as the protein-filled, 
budding objects are beaten, the beater comes
to an excellent conclusion. There is no true fatality.  
There is only growth,  
for whomever feast upon the recently  
exterminated meal. Just when one is soon to topple  
over, another rises to put a new spin on it.  
A person’s mind may become scrambled, or it may just even be  
deviled, one must not be so bold and boiled when  
salted on as if expected not to crack
a yolk. The executionist object thinks to  
itself, if someone is to stir up trouble, you must  
do it right, or  
left, either way this tale was thwarted, and while  
consuming these thoughts, even the  
eggs felt its feelings were  
a treat.