Aftershock of Love | Pujan Baral

    Premonition of this moment has been wandering my head for the last half an hour. I receive the last two “da-ding” noises, as my phone vibrates as slowly as my heart beat. The messages say, “We have been together for so long. I don’t think it is you, but it is me.” The next bubble reads, “I think we should take some time off and see other people.”
    We both might be obnoxious and emotionally unstable, but we have been building this relationship for the last couple of years like a skyscraper on sand. The painful part of an earthquake is the aftershock, and in a flash, all of these memories and hopes dig into you.
    Breaking up with someone whom you’ve invested so much time into hurts more than stubbing your toe. You cannot buy back time, especially when those moments were special and all you did was spend it with that one person. Moving on might be the second worse pain after these burdens of emotions hit you.
     Grab some tissues, pillow, or anesthesia because you need to stop thinking about the first time she held hands with you. When you went on your fourth date, then she sullenly slips the phrase we all are anxious to hear, “I love you.” All of these memories do not fade and who knows when you will write the next chapter. Wait! Remember the first time you meet her parents and they asked you, “What are your intentions with our daughter?” 
    Here I go again, stepping out of line, rambling of course. The worst part of a break up is learning to forget.