Stay - Grayson Strzelczyk

News Report - Ben Breschi

The Weary Blues - Tony Vircella

"I got the Weary Blues
       And I can't be satisfied.
       Got the Weary Blues
       And can't be satisfied—
       I ain't happy no mo'
       And I wish that I had died." - Langston Hughes 

Lucky John - Jeremy Plimpton

Students recently finished reading MAUS.  MAUS is a graphic novel wherein Art Spiegelman shares the story of his father’s Holocaust survival.  He depicts the events of his father’s tragic experience graphically using animals: the Jewish people are mice, the Nazis cats.  For a project, students were given the choice to follow Spiegelman’s example and share one of their own family stories in the form of a graphic novel, using animals to represent their family members.  This piece by freshman Jeremy Plimpton tells the story of his Uncle’s experience during 9/11. 


Short Story - Cater Vogel